One Ouput Keypad Circuit Design

keypad circuit in breadboard

by Miguel on July 15, 2011

in Circuits

Learn to make your own keypad for your next microcontroller project with some buttons a couple of resistors.

Arduino Infrared Receiver

infrared arduino circuit

by Miguel on July 10, 2011

in Arduino

Learn to use an infrared diode to detect when a button pressed on your remote using your Arduino board.

Learn to control a 4 digit 7 segment LED display.

In this post I will tell you what is in my opinion the best kit to get started with microcontrollers and why.

Learn to use the LCD of your board. In this tutorial I will show you how to use a modified version of some code I found online to get to work.

Welcome to the first of a series of posts dedicated to help those working with Arduinos get stuff done faster.

In this post I will show you how send data from a MATLAB script to your Arduino board.

Learn how you can make the Arduino send data to MATLAB. You can then use the script in this tutorial to send data from your sensors.

Learn how to play with an ultrasonic range finder and use it to make a proximity sensor that will display a number on a seven segment display based on the distance.

In this PIC18 explorer board tutorial we will be covering the basics of analog to digital conversion with the potentiometer in your board.